This Man Changes Lives

Sandra Brown, author, campaigner, playwright and Scotswoman of the Year 2005

Mike Stevenson Speaking

• Mike Stevenson, Speaker and Motivator

Mike is the founder and director of Thinktastic, Scotland’s motivational communications agency and one of the UK’s most sought after speakers and creative thinkers.

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From rough sleeper to award winning entrepreneur. Mike Stevenson is a must have keynote speaker - a tour de force who surprises and delights in equal measure. Few are better at moving people to greater things, and from leadership to customer service he inspires. His own journey from homelessness to award-winning entrepreneur is filled with remarkable people and events. His stories amaze and shock, his humour captivates and his insights will inspire. More than that, he lifts, he motivates and he shifts mindsets.

It's About Audience Impact

  • Uplifted, energised and ready to embrace the future
  • Policy victims inspired to become policy entrepreneurs
  • Moved out of the too difficult zone
  • Created winning collaborations
  • Lives changed forever



• Clarity


• Punch


• Minimalism