A ‘Gish’ best served cold.

A ‘Gish’ best served cold.

Heard of the ‘Gish Gallop?

It is a hideous persuasion technique that’s been used by some politicians in recent times.

You will have seen it in play.

Its name comes from American creationist Duane Gish who used this approach to argue against the scientifically proven evolution.

Do you recognise the following tactic?

Facing opponents or journalists the perpetrator uses a rapid series of specious arguments, half-truths, misrepresentations and outright lies – all in a short space of time.

The idea is to render questioners unable to refute so many claims – making them look weak.

Journalists and some political opponents have got wise to this now.

They pick one outright lie, unravel it and follow up with a healthy dose of mockery.

When I train people in persuasive speaking, I give examples of this as the worst kind of manipulation.

However, it has won elections.

So it is dangerous.

Now we need to return to honest and positive persuasion.

The skill of painting a vision, using words and concepts that people understand and being clever and creative in delivery.

I regard this as the must have skill of this century.

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