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If you want your dinner guests to enjoy a crackling, high energy and consummate after dinner speaker with spellbinding storytelling and more anecdotes and funnies from a life so described by one journalist.

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“If Mike’s life was a Hollywood script it would be scarcely believable.”

From being spat on while sleeping on the streets to being lauded in the highest place, Mike’s journey from rough sleeper to multi-award-winning entrepreneur and now international speaker, is packed with extraordinary comebacks and reinventions – a rollercoaster ride like few others.

He was a singer/guitarist who played festivals and clubs (enjoying a relationship with Thin Lizzie’s Phil Lynott and Brian Downey), appeared on TV and film, performed at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, he has helped kickstart many young people’s careers (some deemed no-hopers), he had a multi-million pound business which crashed during the banking crisis, he was in bomb-torn south Beirut the day after the last missile was fired, as a six-year-old he crashed a car in Egypt – it is a story like no other.

Your dinner guests don’t just get to hear great stories and enjoy a few laughs, they will be inspired and lifted.

There are surely no speakers on the globe who have been compared to both Martin. Luther King and Billy Connelly. That is a combination even the most vivid fantasists couldn’t dream up.

Put a microphone in Mike Stevenson’s hand and you feel the energy in the room surge.

He is fearless, charismatic and powerful.

He is spontaneous. His eyes are focused on your guests from first to last. There is not a note in sight. There are no cliches and no jargon and every word is delivered with precision and passion.

You have no fears of audience sensitivities been triggered. His humour is self-deprecating and original. In Mike Stevenson, you get one of the best after dinner speakers around and hit your aims for the event.

That will be sorted in the prior chats with Mike.  He will want to know about your guests, any industry or sector specific background and of course, what you want from the dinner.

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Mike doesn’t just take a booking and turn up at the venue. He wants to chat to you about what you and your people’s challenges are. He will ask ‘how do you want your audience to feel?’ ‘What is your perfect result? He will ask about your industry sector/s and the wider challenges. This is to ensure he talks directly to your audience, understands, and responds directly to their challenges and hopes.

To enquire about hiring Mike Stevenson as an After Dinner Speaker, simply Contact Us or phone +44 7778781846.