The aftermath of Covid, the ever-dawning reality of climate change, rising income inequality, war in Ukraine and political leaders under legal investigation.

Any wonder we have unprecedented global anxiety.

Despair not. Just read the room and respond positively, creatively and speedily.

Here are four ways workplaces can get creative.

The new ‘F’ word is Fun.

Generation Z puts fun as its number one value today. How then can we create workplaces that offer slices of fun? From firemen’s poles linking office floors to brighter décor and chill spaces. Lots of opportunities to respond quickly and cheaply. Productivity? Watch it rise, while turnover and absenteeism fall. The evidence is there.

Stepping-forward to stepping-up

After years of relentless self-improvement, self-transformation is now the order of the day. Mental health is spoken about openly. Young people especially, put their hands up to their feelings. Opportunities to provide life-skills will go down well. Workplace learning doesn’t have to be directly job related. Help employees grow emotionally, spiritually and socially and you increase their overall capability, self-confidence and emotional intelligence.

Market ‘values’ before product

Market segmentation used to be about simple Demographic calculations. Now it is about reaching customers that align with what you stand for – how you view and respond to the growing disparities across the country, the climate crisis and the welfare of employees. Around 78% of consumers report a willingness to switch brands who err. How can you represent your values and beliefs in new and imaginative ways?

The creative force within

For years, businesses have sourced inspiration from outside. Why not look within for differentiating ideas? I have led creative events with employees across all sectors. They are brilliant for sourcing all manner of big ideas from employees about product, service and customer relationships. Innovations are sprung and employees feel more valued.