How do you retain your enthusiasm through the ages?

How do you retain your enthusiasm through the ages?

I keep getting asked how, at 72, how I appear to be so young and enthused about life?

I’m with #waltdisney on this.

“Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” Walt Disney.

My top six dos and don’ts

1. Never see today as a repeat of yesterday – rather view it is a fresh opportunity unencumbered by what has been before.

2. See life through childlike eyes – #children see something new each day, even in the most familiar of circumstances. So always look at the familiar through fresh eyes. You will see something you have never seen.

3. Get excited about upcoming events and don’t see them as a drudgerous #repeat of past experiences. Start #thrilling about them, even if it feels like hard work.

4. Taste new #foods and #flavours each week, never say ‘I don’t do…’ and keep exciting your #senses with new smells, new tastes, new sights, new sounds, and new touch sensations.

5. Beat #cynicism off when you feel its arrival. It is the most corrosive of all human characteristics.

6. Finally, never criticise or demonise #youngpeople. Once you start a sentence with ‘The trouble with young people today.” you know you have become a predictable bore.

Oh, and lots of tomatoes, olive oil and yoghurt.