Want to keep your audience awake and craving more?

Want to keep your audience awake and craving more?

‘I could listen to you all day.’ When someone tells me that I feel special pride. I

And I regularly speak for an hour.

It comes naturally. Why?

As an hashtag ADHD sufferer I learned my trade while fidgeting in classrooms.

I promised to do the opposite of what my teachers did – if I got the chance.

I did.

Here’s my 8 tips.

It’s learnable. Honestly.

1. Imagine you are in the audience and ask yourself ‘what would I really want…?”

2. Be enthusiastic, passionate and energetic – move about and keep your focus on the audience all the time.

3. Don’t use hashtag PowerPoint, unless you have big bold images and very few words – most are frankly boring.
4. Tell riveting hashtag#stories, vary them and introduce the occasional unrelated tale (you know the ‘By the way….’

5. Vary your pace, use silences and imagine your voice as a musical instrument.

6. Tell funnies about yourself or anonymised people you have met.

7. Ask unexpected questions – that really keeps people engaged and noticed.

8. Introduce surprises: Get you audience to do something. Speak to someone close to where they are with a purpose you introduce – see the energy shift in the room.

Happy speaking in 2024.