What makes Mike Stevenson such a brilliant keynote speaker?

For starters – He gets personal.

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When you see a speaker build connection and trust within moments of taking the stage, you know you have witnessed someone special.

It is like you have found a long-lost friend.

‘Mike is the most impressive public speaker I have seen… he held the audience spell bound without missing a beat – compelling, original and professional in every environment…’ Amy Needham, PR Manager, Axa Business Insurance.

Very few global speakers can garner so many stories and anecdotes. That’s because very few have a life of such dramatic variation.

Mike’s stories live on, viscerally in his audience’s heads. Whether hilarious, heart-rending, or dramatic re-enactments.

Even fewer keynote speakers can fully align their stories with your goals and purpose and round it off with a rousing call to action – based on the goals set by you, the organiser.

With well-timed humour, dramatic pauses and rapid pace changes.

Mike is that rarest of keynote speakers ‘the full package’.

When you have slept on the streets of London, worked in many industries, been a stage musician, appeared on film and TV, been gilded as a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, and repeatedly reinvented yourself you acquire spadefuls of knowledge and accumulated wisdom.

You have the foundation stones for a great keynote speech.

‘Inspirational and full of humour. The audience felt more moved by your words than previous speakers because your background and challenges were much more relatable…’ Matt Hopkinson, Executive Vice President, Energy, Element Materials Technology.

Finally, the best keynote speakers take time to learn about the brief, the audience, the industry’s challenges, and opportunities. Mike is all these things and more.

He aligns to what you stand for and understands the challenges and opportunities your audience faces. He crystalizes his messages into a concrete and actionable ‘call to action’.

Start the conversation now

Mike doesn’t just take a booking and turn up at the venue. He wants to chat to you about what you and your people’s challenges are. He will ask ‘how do you want your audience to feel?’ ‘What is your perfect result? He will ask about your industry sector/s and the wider challenges. This is to ensure he talks directly to your audience, understands, and responds directly to their challenges and hopes.

To enquire about hiring Mike Stevenson as a Keynote Speaker, simply Contact Us or phone +44 7778781846.