Education will increasingly move away from traditional sources, making it more attractive, accessible and incentivised.

Schools will become learning and social hubs where ideas are generated.

And learning opportunities will abound all hours of the day and in a range of settings. Meanwhile, micro learning , already one of the fastest growing industries will increase in range and ease of access.

Learning apps have sprung up across the world and podcasts are becoming the new classroom. Drop-in learning in pubs and cafes will be a growing phenomenon. As people trade-in one job for another, they are likely to pursue dramatic change.

Learning will make that possible, but not in the traditional style and timeline.

I like that in New York university professors were asked to take learning into pubs. The idea of social setting learning already exists here. How many cafes in this country alone have language conversation classes? Motivation to learn is high so that each week you are able to make better connections to your new group of friends. Or, how about shops?

Hospitality and retail face an uncertain future, given economic circumstances.

Learning opportunities are just one way to keep commercial spaces alive and well.

Tomorrow is about stretching our imagination and capacities – not retreating into cacoons.

I am reminded of Jimmy Reid’s famous Rectorial speech at University of Glasgow in the early 70s.

“I am convinced that the great mass of our people go through life without even a glimmer of what they could have contributed to their fellow human beings. This is a personal tragedy. It is a social crime. The flowering of each individual’s personality and talents is the precondition for everyone’s development.”

Does it still ring true?