Mike Stevenson - A league of his own

There are motivational speakers and there is Mike Stevenson – a genuine, 100% proof motivator who draws on lessons learned in war-torn South Beirut, time spent sleeping on the streets of London and a life peppered with more comebacks than Lazarus or Status Quo.

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His material never stands still because he relentlessly pursues inspiration from around the World and from hosting Disney Masterclasses to speaking in township schools in South Africa his stories come from far and wide.

He is himself living proof that the further you fall the higher you rise.

His talks are action packed, fast paced, insightful, funny and lift people individually and collectively to see purpose and opportunity ahead.

‘We are entering a time, says Mike, during which creativity and audacity will shift the dial from a world gone wrong to one that flourishes.’  

That he has featured on a series of Global Thought Leader events in 2023 is proof positive that Mike has his finger firmly on the pulse of progress.

To hear him is to believe him.

Hire Mike as a motivational speaker and you are in for some mind-blowing stories and epiphany moments.

‘Every workplace, every school, college and university should experience the Mike Stevenson effect.’ Gregory Lynn, Founder of Rockstar Speakers.

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Mike doesn’t just take a booking and turn up at the venue. He wants to chat to you about what you and your people’s challenges are. He will ask ‘how do you want your audience to feel?’ ‘What is your perfect result? He will ask about your industry sector/s and the wider challenges. This is to ensure he talks directly to your audience, understands, and responds directly to their challenges and hopes.

To enquire about hiring Mike Stevenson as a Motivational Speaker, simply Contact Us or phone +44 7778781846.