I lost everything in the last recession, but I had learned to stand quickly when I tripped. But still with business awards and having being celebrated in hallowed corridors, people talked of business failure. For me it was simply another of life’s turns and a new path lit up.

Change is upon us and it is exciting. Here’s a selection of opportunities ahead.

1. Collaboration is now – why work on your own when you can find a 1 +1 = 3 and, reach beyond sector boundaries

3. Organisations look within their ranks for ideas – why ignore the insights of those who know best?

4. Shops will be interactive experiences and ambient wellness will dominate their interior designs.

5. Green gyms will be ubiquitous as urban living creates new roots – something much, much more than a residential landscape.

6. Neighbourhoods will have a distinctive proposition for those who live, work and visit.

7. Opportunities to walk, browse, sit, people-watch will be the focus of urban designers.

8. Education will move away from traditional sources – schools will be learning and social hubs where ideas are generated.

9. Micro-learning will be the fastest growing model across the world. Apps? Yes. But we will also see drop-in learning in pubs and cafes.

10. People will pursue dramatic job changes. Learning will make that possible, but not in the traditional style and timeline.

This is Ground Zero – grasp the future.