The inestimable power of speech

The inestimable power of speech

The last few weeks I have travelled far and wide on my quest to raise morale, inject new enthusiasm and purpose in workplaces and introduce a spirit of creativity.

I have had so many positive responses to these talks – from the official response to informal emails, text and conversations with attendees. The audiences ranged from the NHS to housing organisations and medical suppliers to financial businesses – the feedback has contained four components.

‘We are still inspired and buzzing.’

‘The way you talk of leadership has made me aware that it resides not just on the top deck but at all levels – that’s what makes great organisations tick. We are taking that on board with zeal.’

‘Every challenge which used to met by gnashing of teeth and despair is greeted with a new creative approach – let’s think laterally and imaginatively about solutions and refuse to start with the word ‘budget.’

‘After you left, the change started immediately. We are now going to introduce what we do – not a with a job title but with our purpose and impacts.’

If anyone doubts the power of what I do – especially during these challenging times. Please think again.

Now is the time to bring your people together and reimagine the future.