This talk really sparks the imagination and enthusiasm of all audiences.

The Best is Yet to Come – is the perfect antidote to our news culture where positive developments will always come second to bad news.

The truth is very different.

Forget the doomsayers. The future is exciting. It is to be relished rather than dreaded and the next few years are shaping up to be the most exciting in human history.’

It will be a great time to be alive and counterintuitive as it may sound, exciting things are already happening across the World – the advance of Artificial Intelligence to enhance lives, innovations on climate change, community wealth building, vertical farming in urban environments, advancements on dementia and neurological conditions and so much more.

When I deliver this talk, I make it entertaining, fast paced and insightful and speak of attitudes needed to reshape our world for the better. We will get a glimpse into what the future might hold and the abundance of spaces that will open-up for those of a mind to see them. Individually we can make a difference, together we can make seismic changes – ever pushing the boundaries.

At the heart of this revolution will be improvement to the human condition and spirit. Packed with funny stories, epiphany moments and lessons learned from a life of ups and downs.

There will be challenges aplenty but there are solutions to be found. I draw on my own life of lows and highs and reveal the mental approach I developed more than 50 years ago as a rough sleeper in London. My life since has been an endless quest to make better. No matter how well we are doing in life there is more to do.

I talk about Disney and their approach to ensuring the human experience is at the heart of all they do. While many of us still talk of customer satisfaction, they talk of creating magic memories for people. They are endless in pursuing new ways to do so. I will talk of some of these and of the best examples of purpose and customer centricity I have found across the World.

I talk of a moment of inspiration amidst the rubble in bombed out Beirut and the lesson it teaches us all.

Ultimately this is about lifting spirits, focusing on our power and commitment to what we do as a human service. It is also about bringing fun into proceedings while landing some real insights and inspirational nuggets.

If you don’t leave with a spring in your step, call an ambulance.