Very few people in the World can energise, empower and inspire people more effectively than Mike Stevenson - one of the most powerful and persuasive and inspirational speakers in Scotland.

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He is a globally admired and yet, he is proud of having learned and honed his craft in Scotland, where he is continues to live.

I still get a thrill from speaking to audiences in my home country, because we understand the same references and share that special humility and humour that characterises us.

‘But, Mike says, Scotland also suffers from Tall Poppy Syndrome – that sense that we should not get above ourselves and keep our expectations and ambitions low.’

Why is it that Scots who leave their country are among some of the World’s highest achievers?

Mike sees our national reluctance to raise our sights as an obstacle to progress.

In every workplace and every community there is an abundance of talents and skills yet unrealised and, tapping into that wellspring still excites Mike – as a citizen and as a speaker.

When you invite Mike Stevenson to speak or host a staff event or national conference, you get something special – a surge in energy and a captivated audience. His stories, many drawn from his own extraordinary journey from rough sleeper to award-winning entrepreneur and now international speaker, are full of epiphany moments and life-changing insights.

‘You inspired, encouraged, and provoked thought in every person in that room, that’s a powerful skill.  Even the press team, the younger guys were so inspired too.  You were truly Brilliant.’ Olivia McGivern, First Derivative.

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Mike doesn’t just take a booking and turn up at the venue. He wants to chat to you about what you and your people’s challenges are. He will ask ‘how do you want your audience to feel?’ ‘What is your perfect result? He will ask about your industry sector/s and the wider challenges. This is to ensure he talks directly to your audience, understands, and responds directly to their challenges and hopes.

To enquire about hiring Mike Stevenson for an Inspirational Speakers Scotland event, simply Contact Us or phone +44 7778781846.